Kill It With Stickers!

Is it true that content is king? If it is, then someone you know might be sitting on a gold mine. What if the beloved games of yesteryear were created with today’s technology? Would people play them? What if the thousands of worlds that inspired Everquest and World of Warcraft were there in a format that would inspire a new generation? Would they capture imaginations? What if there were a platform that allowed the content creators of the 90’s to reach out to a new market? Would they find a market? What if there were a way for the free to play games of the past to get their share of the bounty being won by the free to play games of today? Would they make money? What if free-to-play text games became micropayment-enabled mobile games? Would they be as addictive? What if MUDs were reincarnated as mobile MMORPGs? Wouldn’t you like to find out? The platform to allow that is here and that time is now. The World Turtle platform will mine, convert and take advantage of the content of the past and let it reap the rewards of today. Remember when Lord of the Rings books reached new generations when it shifted its content to movies? MUDs will tap into a new generation by shifting to mobile and micropayments.

There’s a lot of valuable game content available to make modern games that hasn’t been monetized yet. It’s locked inside our beloved free-to-play games of the past.

The World Turtle platform will take advantage of this by allowing people with old text games to ingest their content and adapt their games to today’s mobile world where free-to-play games make money. We’ll give content holders and content creators like old time MUD admins and wizards an easy way to take their content and monetize it. We’ll give old players access to modernized versions of the worlds they miss, we’ll give young players access to worlds they never would have experienced, and we’ll give savvy people a chance to profit from it.

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